1. Please write a few lines about chapter two. Tell me what stood out to you, and any thoughts/personal reflections you have on the content.

1. Please write a few lines about chapter two. Tell me what stood out to you, and any thoughts/personal reflections you have on the content. 5-7 sentences is the expected length.

2. Carve out 30 minutes to watch this Ted Talk by Tim Brown, CEO of “the innovation and design firm” IDEO. He speaks about the parallels between creativity and play. after viewing, ponder. What are you thoughts and reflections? Can you recall a time when you yourself experienced the link between fun/play and creativity or ideation?


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Write a 1/2-1 page single spaced response answering the questions above.

3. These exercises are a great technique to use to “warm up” your brain. Keeping a book of little challenges like this in your work space is a great idea! A lot of time, we just sit down and get to work. We haven’t really given a brain a chance to turn on and get revving. for creativity, that’s super important! They’re also a great “time out” when you need to shift gears for a moment. Try integrating something like this into your daily work routine. Coloring books are great too! Or a few canisters of Playdoh!

4. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen.

1. Time to brainstorm. Burger King sells breakfast. Did you even know that? Unfortunately, it is the part of the day with their weakest sales, by far. Our job, is to get people to buy Burger King breakfast. What can you come up with? Remember, this is brainstorming – there is no such thing as a bad idea. Write it all down!

2. Once you’ve reached a lull in your ideas, put your pen down. Take a few minutes and do something fun – something that makes you smile and laugh. Play with your dog. Record a Tik Tok video with your roommate. Crank your favorite song and sing along. Watch some funny YouTube videos. The idea here is the FUN. Take a picture or a video of you having your fun to submit. Once you’re having it…

3. Turn on some music that you really like. Pick up a different colored pen/pencil (So we can see where the second set of ideas start). Start writing down whatever else you can think of for Burger King.

4. Say “wow” at how many more ideas you came up with – and maybe even some really good ones!

5. Submit your brainstorming list, your photo/video, and a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) of your thoughts about what happened!

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