2. Write a Secondary Response (SP)

2. Write a Secondary Response (SP)

Respond thoughtfully to a fellow student’s original post on the OPPOSITE document or question your did your OP on.  Simply writing “I agree” without any discussion will get you no points on this part. Please do not respond to a original post that has more than 2 secondary responses already. If you respond to the an OP that addresses the same document or question from you wrote your original post on you will only receive half credit at most.  About one robust paragraph.  (5 points)


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3. Write a Tertiary Response (TP)

This is a free post.  You can thoughtfully respond to one of the SPs on your own or any other OP or write a TP on any post in the forum. (5 points)

2. What does Texas have to do with Manifest Destiny and how is Texas “American” according to O’Sullivan?  Who can be an American and why How is “freedom” or “liberty” defined by O’Sullivan?

Texas became independent from Mexico which led to to Texas to join the United States.  Texas is “American”according to O’Sullivan because they are eager to become apart of nation that wants independent. Like every American who wants to be free. Freedom is defined as being  independent. And self-government to be able to obtain what you want not like Mexico. And liberty is defined as what American gained after the battles. The aftermath that was left. They have no lead for people in crowns.


At first, I did not know exactly who Fitzhugh was until I looked more into him but from. the reads of him he was a person who defended the institution of slavery Fitzhugh He goes on to calm that “nature has made them slaves all that law and government can do is to regulate mortify and mitigate their slavery in the absence of legally instituted slavery their condition would be worse under that under that natural slavery of the week to the strong the foolish of the wise and cunning. He understand that nature has taken their turn and has placed The African American under the nature of slavery so he propose that the government should do its regulatory motifs to change the current circumstance not only that but he also clams and right for all people to have education and right for everyone to achieve what one is naturally given to him.   

It proclaims that American is one of freedom and one of many opportunities to achieve the American dream but Fitzhugh states “life and liberty” are not “inalienable they have been sold in all countries and in all age and must be sold so long as human nature lasts but its sold only to those who are not slaves those who are American. And those who are not the idea of freedom is sold to them.  

Extra credit:

I know that one of your assigned documents this week is the extraordinary speech given by Frederick Douglass on the Fourth of July in 1852.  But I would like you to also read the short excerpt from Douglass’s autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, where he described the moment he realized he was a slave in 1830 at the age of 12.  After reading the excerpt please answer the following questions for up to 5 points extra credit. You need to write a robust paragraph to get the full 5 points. As always, you have until Sunday at noon.   

Douglass on the Desire of Freedoom


1.  According to Douglass, what is the connection between literacy/reading and liberty or freedom?  I really want you to think back to the FIRST WEEK of this course when we talked about what freedom is–and really try to flush out the term using the document.  You may add your own thoughts and opinion as always in the Easter eggs. 

2. Think about your own life in the present and something you always took for granted as “natural.”  Can you describe a similar experience when you became aware that something you assumed was “natural” was rather actually “social” or “historical.”  In other words, describe a similar moment of Enlightenment that changed the way you  looked at the world.

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