Canada is officially a bilingual country.  English and French are official languages throughout the country, but as we have seen with many other countries, “official” languages are not always equally spoken in different parts of the country.  In fact, Canada’s linguistic division is quite pronounced.  In the province of Quebec, 81% are native French speakers, and 95% of all Québécois (or Quebecers, in English) speak French.  On the other hand, in the most populous province of Ontario, less than 5% of Ontarians are French speakers.  In the entire country, about 20% of Canadians speak French as their first language, 56% speak English, and the remainder speak another language as their first language.  Not just language usage, but cultural attitudes and practices can be very different in Francophone and in Anglophone Canada, because their settlement, history, and even current immigration patterns are quite different. 

1.  Introduction to Canada: 


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2.  Linguistic Demographics of Canada:

Next, before reading the articles, take a quick look at these maps, showing the percentage of French/English/other speakers in various parts of Canada (stay on the page a minute; the maps cycle through): (Links to an external site.)

3.  Immigration in Quebec

Then, read and very briefly summarize each of the following articles (2-5 sentences about each article); 3 points each article, 15 pts total for #3.a-3.d and #4.

Note: Several of these links go to articles in The Globe and Mail, which limits the # of articles you can see for free.  If you hit your limit, you should be able to read the articles by opening the link in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.) or on a different device.

3.a. How Quebec’s immigration policy (2013) (Links to an external site.)  had produced a different immigration pattern than elsewhere in Canada.  Note: the first line of this article refers to the “secular charter debate”; this had to do with a proposed law about religious attire in public; we will be focusing on such laws about Muslim dress further in the next two weeks.

3.b.  How immigration is changing Canada  as a whole (2017).

3.c. Language and immigration proposals (2018)  of the ultimately victorious party in the 2018 elections. 

3.d. What the effect of these proposals (Links to an external site.) has been (2020).

 4: Attitudes towards Muslims

4. Similarly summarize this article: Anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada in general and in Quebec(2018).

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