Discussion Board: Students will be required to post response to online question(s) to discussion board utilizing Blackboard each week and respond to two classmates posting of each week in order to get full credit.

Discussion Board: Students will be required to post response to online question(s) to discussion board utilizing Blackboard each week and respond to two classmates posting of each week in order to get full credit. This includes one initial posting to include references using APA or MLA format and response to two classmates postings of each weak.

Answer the discussion question and reply two classmates’answer(300 words contents and add the references):

After viewing the video on “Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great,” Dr. Mitchel Adler, discuss what you learned or relearned about Emotional Intelligence.  How will developing this help you become a better leader?


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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA15YZlF_kM

UC Davis 2014 Executive Leadership Program

“Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great,” Dr. Mitchel Adler

Reply 2 classmates” answers( each one 70-100words)

1. One of the first things that comes to mind after watching this video is that we should create our own personal mission statement. The purpose of this is to and describe what you are about. It describes your goals and values in life, business or both. Its a guideline on how you handle things. One of the other things that was brought up is that as a leader you need to not only listen to people but you also have to use your feelings. If everything is said right but you still have a gut feeling that something is wrong then you should use your gut feeling. Our feelings sometimes can see between the lines of the speech. There is a difference between feeling a certain way and actually acting them out. The video stated that all feelings are acceptable. What matters the most is what you do with those feeling. 

2. In the video, Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotions, to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships, and to manage your own and others’ emotions. A good example of this is to think about a great manager that you’ve had in the past to which you most likely felt comfortable in going to that person with your questions, concerns, and needs and they were very likely receptive to you and worked to address them and make sure that you felt supported at all times and regardless of disagreements, they were still likely respectful and productive exchanges.

This kind of dynamic between employee and manager is similar to what we encourage couples to create in their own relationships—keeping a positive perspective, validating each other’s positions despite disagreement, and being intentionally respectful, even during difficult times. It’s a dynamic that works. It helps everyone involved feel supported and valued.

And let’s be honest: teamwork, especially when attempting to achieve difficult, long-term, and even lofty goals, can lead to intense emotions, such as frustration, anger, worry, or disappointment, or excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and shared celebration. For example, look at the vivid displays of emotion from players on cohesive sports teams. They celebrate each other when things go well. They lift each other up when things don’t. Emotions, even on the field, play a huge role in working with others to succeed.

“Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great,” Dr. Mitchel Adler


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