Gathering Information from Families

“Because children learn best in the context of everyday activities, families are asked to describe their daily routines and activities, in terms of what interests and engage their child, what’s going well and what challenges they face. Sharing this information helps to identify difficulties that providers may problem-solve with families. Moreover, providers and parents can determine the routines in which to embed interventions and learning opportunities. Learning about a child’s interests, favorite people and preferred toys and activities can help providers and families personalize learning opportunities that will be highly motivating and engaging, and build on the child’s strengths.”

“Information is usually gathered through conversations with the family. Check lists and interviews can also assist the provider to get useful information. Parents need to know the purpose of this information, how it will be used and where it will be kept. The most important factor in gathering family information is the relationship that develops over time with the provider and family members. Therefore various conversation methods and relationship building techniques yield the most valuable information.”(Family Assessment: Gathering Information From Families) ECTACenter.or/topics/families/famassess.asp


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1. What are some activities that your child likes to do on a regular basis?

2. What are some of his/her favorite toys or things that he/she likes to play with?

3. What type of activities or things do you and your child like to do (e.g. hiking, going on picnics, playing games at home)?

4. Who are your child’s primary caregivers or important people who he/she spends time with?

5. Are there any places that you go with your child on a weekly basis? (The library, a playground, a park, or a museum?

6. What routines and/or activities does your child not like? (Bathing, dressing, meal-time, bed-time, school drop-off, etc.) What makes this routine and/or activity difficult? What does the child usually do during this routine? How does he/she behave?

7. What types of books does your child like to hear you read? Does your child try to read books to you?

8. Does your child have a library card?

9. Who does your child play with outside the home?

10. Where do the children play together? What kinds of things do they play?

11. Are there any activities or places that you go that occur on a weekly basis? What are the activities or places?

12. What are some activities or experiences that occur less often than once a week?

13. What are your child’s interests? What things does your child enjoy doing and what holds your child’s attention? ( e.g. people, places, toys, animals, being outside)

14. What makes your child happy, laugh and/or smile? Or cry, be scared or frown?

Record the responses to the above questions, which were asked during your conversations with the family, on a separate sheet of paper. These responses will be used in the making connections section of this assignment.

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