Hiawatha Supper Club Paper:

Hiawatha Supper Club Paper:

Read the case thoroughly and while meeting the requirements as outlined in your syllabus and the rubric, address the question posed by the textbook authors and include the “why” in your paper. A thorough paper will earn you more points than one submitted that just glosses over a single perspective. Pay attention to the quality of your academic sources on the reference page.


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Remember to incorporate APA formatting to earn the maximum points possible for that deliverable (I will not provide in-text formatting feedback on your Semester Project submission but will for this paper so you know where you need to improve in the Project submission).

Ensure you meet all of the required deliverables contained in your syllabus and the rubric for this assignment. Remember your submission will be submitted for Plagiarism Detection Software review. Perform high quality research for maximum point earning potential.

Minth is the owner of the Hiawatha Supper Club, which he leased for two years to Piekarski. During the period of the lease, Piekarski contracted with Puttkammer for the resurfacing of the access and service areas of the supper club. Puttkammer performed the work satisfactorily. Minth knew about the contract and the performance of the work. The work, including labor and materials, had a reasonable value of $2,540, but Puttkammer was never paid because Piekarski went bankrupt. Puttkammer brought an action against Minth to recover the amount owed to him by Piekarski. Will Puttkammer prevail? Explain.

Mann, R.A. and Roberts, B.S. (2015). Smith and roberson’s business law (16th ed.). Stamford,CT. Cengage Learning


In a Word document (750+ words for the Case Study; excluding abstract, cover page, graphs, and reference page) provide the proper response to the question(s) posted for each situation and the legal reasoning behind your position (cite your sources). These submissions do have to be submitted in APA format and require proper grammar, Revised 6-10-2020 BUS 273 Fall 2020 4 spelling, and word usage and must be posted by Wednesday evening at the latest. See the assignment for more specifics. The student should relate the case to the chapter materials and issues. All students are required to do Internet and/or library database research prior to writing his or her response (multiple sources adds credibility). Note that the instructor does not recognize Wikipedia as a quality reference source for academic submissions due to the editable nature of the material found there that raises concerns about veracity and validity of content. Do not cite Wikipedia (other “pedias”) or other non-academic sources such as dictionaries, blogs, Prezis CourseHero, MBA Tutor, etc., and most “.com” in your references for the Case Study assignment.

A word on “quality academic sources” is in order here. Peer reviewed (you can set this as a parameter of your search in the GTBC Databases) studies, reports, journal articles, conference papers and presentations are the preferred sources. In some cases, other sources may be applicable. When in doubt screen the proposed sources with your instructor.

Ensure that proper grammar, sentence structure, and material citations are included for maximum point consideration. Neglecting to cite other authors original material is plagiarism and will be graded accordingly (see the Academic Integrity section in the syllabus on page 10). Include properly formatted cover, abstract, and reference pages with your Case Studies. A minimum of three high quality academic sources in addition to your textbook (if relevant) are required. Once posted to the assignment drop box, instructor grading may occur even if before the due date so ensure you have posted your final version. Resubmissions after grading are not accepted.

Submit as an attachment in proper APA format as a Microsoft® Word document only with proper grammar, spelling, citations, cover and reference pages. Remember, that the instructor will provide you with APA formatting feedback on the first paper only as a tool to help you with subsequent written assignments. By the time you enroll in your first Bachelor level business course, you should have a strong grasp of proper APA formatting. Access GBC’s Academic Success Center web page for resources to aid in proper formatting http://www.gbcnv.edu/asc/ and ensure you have viewed the Announcements with additional tools to aid you in this deliverable (I have placed an APA template there for your convenience – I recommend you use it ). Additionally, there is a link at the bottom left of the home page in Canvas that will take you directly to the GBC Library databases (see the course announcement). Use it too, it will make your search for quality academic sources that much easier. Anticipate approximately two-week grading turnaround time.

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