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1) I found many topics in chapter one very interesting; however, persuasion in interpersonal relationships is the most interesting to me. This is because the example that the authors used to explain this type of persuasion is exactly what I have just experienced. They explained how a couple moved into a house and they had disagreements on the type of style that they want the house. Therefore, the wife tries to convenience her husband that her style is better than his. I can relate to this example in so many ways. My husband and I have just recently bought a new house. My husband wanted to make our extra bedroom an office. I wanted to make it an office and a guest bedroom. I thought of many ways to convenience him that my way was better. For instance, I explained that we need to have extra space for our company to sleep when they come to visit. Therefore, I was able to convenience him that my way was better. We also disagreed with the way we were going to set up the office/spare bedroom. Being that he compromised with me with the bedroom idea,  I allowed him to pick the way that the room was set up.

Additionally, the authors explain interpersonal relationships as “you relations and interactions and interactions with another person” (Wahl & Morris, 2018, p. 12).


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2)   Catching my attention, and my interest in the book was at the beginning of the chapter. It asked the readers to “Think about some of the following questions related to persuasion.” Consequently, I began to ask myself these thought-provoking questions; however, the one main question that stands out the most is who did I vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Wahl, S. T. & Morris, E., (2018) Persuasion in your life, p.2.

    Since today, I excised my right to vote early and was pleased to see voters’ turn-out, not like the day before but just as impressive and much better than the last presidential election, where many folks underestimated the power of the vote. Therefore, what captured my interests and why was that this particular question brought back a flood of memories of the 2016 election year, then the results of the election and how so many people were rendered speechless and did not want to accept the results, pretty much like the election of 2000 except no hanging chads instead, protest and sadness.

    Fast-forward, it has been four-years, and much has changed drastically with our health during the pandemic, the economy, and the civil unrest; however, I am longing for the days where I can think about other things besides the election and the pandemic and the turmoil of our country, perhaps 2021, will bring brighter days toward healing and I could once again think about traveling, going to theaters, plays, and all the other persuasion in our life we enjoyed.

Read Chapter 1 and 2. Complete the following questions. 

Chapter 1 Outcomes:

  1. Explain who an early childhood professional is and how the profession is changing.
  2. Identify the key factors teacher should consider and reflect on to support children’s learning and build respectful relationships with families.
  3. Identify the types of knowledge and professional development teachers need to plan and build meaningful learning experiences.
  4. Explain how to apply developmentally and culturally appropriate learning to your professional practice.
  5. Describe how you can prepare for a career in early childhood education.
  6. Explain what a philosophy of education is and how you can develop your philosophy and apply it in your professional practice.
  7. Explain your understanding of what roles are expected of you as an inclusive early childhood professional.

Chapter 2 Outcomes:

  1. List early public and educational issues in early childhood relating to equity, equality, and achievement.
  2. Explain how family challenges affect childhood outcomes.
  3. Identify the issues for young children related to wellness and healthy living.
  4. Explain how you can prevent violence, bullying, racism, and abuse.
  5. Identify ways you can provide for cultural diversity.
  6. Explain how you can accommodate diverse learners in your classroom.
  7. List hot topics in early childhood education and explain what they mean to you and your teaching.

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