Using MAP-IT to Help Build a Healthy Community

MAP-IT means: Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, and Track

To begin to achieve the goal of improving health, a community must develop a strategy. That strategy, to be successful, must be supported by many individuals who are working together.


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In much the same way you might map out a trip to a new place, you can use the MAP-IT technique to “map out” the path toward the change you want to see in your community.

Part 4 Assignment:

Discuss how you will Implement your plan using concrete action steps that can be monitored and will make a difference. Discuss how you will Track your progress over time. Present any tables or charts if you believe they will assist you in effectively tracking your progress (and of course, the progress of the target family). Does this family need a nutritionist? If so, what type of nutritionist(s) does this family need? How can they locate her/him? How would the service be paid for? What type of information does the nutritionist(s) provide this family with? Provide sufficient detail.

** By the end of this assignment, submit your final project as a complete paper including all previous parts. The completed project should be approximately 25 pages (plus/minus 3 pages) 


3 to 5 pages (600 to 1,200 words) unless otherwise specified and include 3-5 peer-reviewed reference citations. APA format.


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