What is strategic facilities planning?

What is strategic facilities planning?

The way I have this class set us is as follows:

  • I will either have information pasted in the module,
  • have a link for you to read a particular website,
  • write a document in word and attach to your email and send to the instructor, and or
  • Write on a topic assigned.
  • Read readings from what I have posted or from what your peers have written
  • partner with someone in the class to do any one of the above.

For the first module, I would like you to start by reading an online journal article.  You will need adobe acrobat reader.  It can be found at the Adobe website. Try the links below as you probably have adobe reader installed on your computer.  If the link in number 1 below does not work, then install Adobe (free) reader.


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Assignment 1

  1. Read the draft Kentucky document
  2. Your first assignment is a research assignment using NAU’s Cline Library.  Step 1) Go to Cline library https://nau.edu/library/
  3. Next, your task is to find 5 journal articles relating to school facility design.  It is suggested to look in the “Databases by Subject”
  4. Lastly for Module 1, in a MS Word document, write no more than one page and address “flow, space, and activity relationships” in regards to a facility within the classroom or within an business/industry setting.    Page 2, write your 5 sources that you read from the Cline Library search.  “Flow” think about the flow of people in a room.  The flow being human motion.

    Put your name on a cover sheet. 

    So, your assignment 1 will be three pages.  Cover, 1 full page of your writing, and the reference page.
    Use the following:  Times new roman, 12 point, 1″ margins, single spaced, spell checked and grammar checked

    Try to think of meeting business, professional or educational goals.  Could the design of a facility impact productivity? Safety? Learning? Longevity on a job?  Lawsuits?  How do the students flow (mobility) in relation the way the facility is located.  How about lab space….is the classroom separate from the lab area.  Does this lead to an unsafe or “unsupervised” area.  Send this as an attachment with the following subject line in your email:  “CTE 391, Asst 1, “your_last_name”.  Send it to mike.roberts@nau.edu   NOTE:  “your last name” means write your actual last name (i.e., Doten, Fluke, Gonzalez, Guerra, Holder, etc.)

Grading criteria:  All assignments are graded based on following directions.  Is it well written, correct size font, one full page (not half), proofed well (NO TYPOS), submitted by the deadline

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