Political Level Action

Political Level Action

ISSUE (Access to affordable and high quality childcare spaces)


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Write a two-three pages letter to an elected politician at the Federal letter about key issue (Access to affordable and high quality childcare spaces) to make change at family level. Direct your letter to Minister of families and child-care at federal level.


· Offer a formal letter structure with addressee, addresser, date, formal salutation, letter body, formal closing, and any carbon copy recipients of your letter.

· Keep it short. Anything longer than two-three pages will be ignored.

· Letter body: Why are you writing? Lead by stating the issue clearly and succinctly, as well as what you want them to do about it. (Suggest a short recommendation)

· Why does this matter?

· Do you agree with their history on the issue or not? Say this, respectfully, and offer reasons for why they should do what you are calling for, why they should change their approach, or reinvest in the current strategy.

· Provide background/analysis. What are the important statistics and context you want them to know about, to back up your position? Who is already working on this issue that you agree with, and quote them.

· Offer an encouraging and respectful ending. Being a politician is hard work.

· Sign your name

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