Project #2 – Write a sonnet – 10 points

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1. Read the article:  How to Write a Sonnet and thisarticle Write Your Own Sonnet .

2. Click on the link ^ how to write a sonnet

2. Write a love sonnet.

Project #3 – Guided Viewing Qs on Art: The Renaissance -10 points

Uffizi Gallery Visit the  Uffizi Gallery , in Florence, Italy, on Google Art Project. Scroll through the collection and click on images, or use the museum viewer, to look at the different works of art on display. Locate by using the filter function the Altarpiece of St. Lucia de’ Magnoli and select one other of the many Renaissance depictions of the Madonna and Child in the gallery. Respond to the series of questions provided to explore the two works in depth.

1. Describe each painting by providing the following information:

a. Who is the artist?

b. What is the title of the work?

c. When was the work created?

d. What medium is the work (e.g., fresco, oil, tempera)?

e. What are the dimensions of the work?

2. Consider the style(s) of the two works through comparison and contrast. How are the elements of “Renaissance style” apparent in each? How do they differ? Consider (among other things):

a. Drapery

b. Human anatomy

c. Single point prescriptive

d. Architecture

3. Analyze the subjects and settings of the two paintings.

a. Who are the subjects? How do you know who they are?

b. Are any of the subjects placed in more prominent positions or given pronounced attention?

c. What are the figures in the paintings doing?

d. Where are the paintings set? Are the artists depicting real places? Heavenly realms? Can you tell? What clues do the artists give?

4. Consider the works’ fit with the Renaissance:

a. How does your comparison and contrast of the two paintings fit within this chapter’s discussion of evolving Renaissance thought and style?

b. Do the paintings demonstrate similar or differing modes of thought?

5. Recall your initial reasons for selecting the painting you compared and contrasted with the Altarpiece of St. Lucia de’ Magnoli.

a. What were your first impressions of each painting? Did looking at them together change any of those impressions?

b. What immediately caught your attention in the juxtaposition of the two works?

c. How do the paintings fit with your understanding of life in Renaissance Europe?

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